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Henrik started playing the piano and composing music at an early age, and studied classical composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where he was awarded the 1st Prize in the Lutoslawski Prize for Young Composers. 


In 2011, he scored the feature film 90 MINUTES which received international acclaim and the score was nominated to both an Amanda Award and shortlisted for the World Soundtrack Awards (Public Choice Award). Scoremagazine wrote: «..if you want my advice, do not pass on this one. It's beautiful. Up there with Zbigniew Preisner's mesmerizing waltzes and musical fields, or the beautiful themes of Jan A.P.Kaczmarek. Chamber-musical and melancholic, it's a must-listen for this year.»


In 2015 Henrik won the Golden Screen Award (Gullruten) for Best Original Music, for the documentary BALLET BOYS. He was also nominated for the International Film Music Critics Award (IFMC) for the same film. In 2016, two feature films were premiered that Henrik scored; TORDENSKJOLD & KOLD  (dir. Henrik Ruben Genz, DK/Nimbus) and ALL THE BEAUTY (dir Aasne Vaa Greibrokk, NO/Motlys).


Henrik also completed the score for the 24-episode TV-series SNOWFALL, produced by NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting). A massive undertaking, with over 5 hours of recorded orchestral music. The series was a huge success, and Henrik was awarded his second Golden Screen Award for Best Original Score for SNOWFALL.  He was also nominated as the Norwegian candidate for the 2018 Harpa Nordic Film Composer Award for that score.


In 2018, Henrik premiered his comissioned work EMERGE for cello and orchestra with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, with CD-release on LAWO in 2019.


Also in 2018, Henrik premiered his first full length ballet, The Hamlet Complex, at the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet in Oslo with choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen.


In 2019 Henrik has been commissioned to compose a 30 minute piece for chamber orchestra and narrator with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.



Henrik Skram is published worldwide by Edition Wilhem Hansen / Wise Music Group

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