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Stageproduction now showing on Oslo Nye Teater:

Photo: Lena Saugen

Skjermbilde 2018-11-19 18.45.52.jpg

The TV-series:

Every year, on the main Norwegian TV network NRK, there is a traditional show called the ‘julekalender’ (Christmas calendar), a drama series aimed at children, with one episode broadcast each day of December until Christmas Eve.

the story

A fantasy Christmas fairy tale about courage, friendship, and the search for belonging. 


After she has lost her parents in an accident five years ago, Selma wishes for nothing more but a family she can belong to. The letter she writes to Santa Claus, turns into a paper bird which flies to SNOWFALL – a magical village full of wondrous people. On her journey through this enchanting Christmas fairy tale, Selma will figure out who she is and where she belongs – although it is far from what she would have ever expected.

Read more at Beta Film

the music

Recorded with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and conducted by Matt Dunkley, the score for Snowfall is a massive undertaking; more than 5 hours of recorded orchestral music.


Jonathan Broxton, of Movie Music UK writes of the score:


«Skram’s music is a perfect distillation of all the great Christmassy children’s orchestral scores you can think of, a lyrical and theme-filled wonder that owes a debt of musical gratitude to everyone from John Williams, to James Horner, and Bruce Broughton. It’s performed by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra conducted by Matt Dunkley, and has a light, charming, effortlessly appealing sound that captures the sense of wonderment felt by young Selma on her journeys to visit Santa. Skram uses the entire orchestra throughout the score, but often makes special use of familiar ‘wintry’ orchestrations, including light metallic chimes, fluttery woodwinds, and high, shimmering strings.»

The score is released on physical and digital, find it here.

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